May 17, 2017

Oklahoma Guided Hog Hunts

I know pigs are a nuisance to our land and agriculture, but they are a lot of fun to hunt. Most of our fields, if not all of them will have pigs on them at one time or another. We will work to pattern these pigs before you arrive, and we have been known to give clients a 100% GUARANTEE shots at pigs. We also do not limit you to a number of pigs you can shoot, while hunting with us.

We hunt hogs year round and there is never a bad time to shoot a pig!

When hunting pigs in Oklahoma you do not need a hunting license, unless it is during deer gun season. During that time you must have an Oklahoma hunting license as well as a deer tag, all which are available online at

Call us today to schedule a feral hog hunt you will not soon forget!

All hunts include:

  • 1 box of Fort Scott Munitions in your caliber gun (if available)

2017 Oklahoma Feral Hog / Pig Hunting
Hunt Season Daily Limit Price
Feral Hog / Pig Year Round No limit $275 1 Hunter
$450 2 Hunters

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