August 23, 2015

Oklahoma Guided Whitetail Deer Hunts

Now Offering Whitetail Deer Hunting

  • Fair chase, no trophy fee!
  • Hunters will enjoy the comfort of hunting out of an All Seasons Feeders Big Chingon over a feeder, and/or spot and stalk.
  • We do the work so you don’t have to!
  • All our hunts include unlimited hogs, a doe a day until your limit, or maybe that big buck you’ve always wanted.
  • We are only offering a very limited number of deer hunts this year, so do not wait to book! All bookings are available in our online store for you to secure your date:
  • All deer hunts include:
    • 1 box of Fort Scott Munitions in your caliber gun (if available)
    • Lodging
    • 3 meals
    • Transportation to and from the stand
  • Archery hunts available upon request

To hunt deer you will need an Oklahoma Hunting license, and a tag for each animal harvested, all which are available online at

2017 Whitetail Deer Hunting Dates and Prices
Lodging  Meals Hunting Days Season Price
3 Nights 9 Oct. 20-22 Youth Gun BOOKED
3 Nights 9 Oct. 28-30 Opening Muzzeloader BOOKED
3 Nights 9 Nov. 4-6 Muzzeloader BOOKED
3 Nights 9 Nov. 18-20 Opening Gun Weekend $3,000
3 Nights 9 Nov. 21-23 Gun $2,500
3 Nights 9 Nov. 24-26 Gun $2,500
3 Nights 9 Nov. 27-29 Gun $2,500
3 Nights 9 Dec. 1-3 Gun $2,500
2 Nights 6 Dec. 22-23 Special Antlerless $1,000
2 Nights 6 Dec. 30-31 Special Antlerless $1,000

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