2018 Cast & Bang State Predator Championship Presented by Cabela’s

Registration January 12
Hunt January 13, 2018

Registration will take place on January 12, 2018, at Cabela’s 1200 W Memorial Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73114 beginning at 6:00 pm. We will go over the rules and draw door prizes at 8:00 pm. All team members MUST be present at registration to receive their packet, sign waivers, and to be eligible for door prizes. Everyone who is participating in the hunt will receive a raffle ticket for some excellent door prizes provided by Cabela’s! If you have a child under the age of 15 hunting with you on your team you will receive 3 additional raffle tickets. Additional raffle tickets are available for purchase online and will also be available the night of registration. (if unable to attend registration for any reason please contact Cast & Bang Outfitters) All registrants qualify for Cabela’s employee pricing the night of registration to purchase any last-minute items you will be needing for the contest. This includes everything predator hunting related; firearms, ammunition, calls, and camouflage clothing.


1st Place: 30% cash / 10% Cabela’s Gift Card
2nd Place: 20% cash / 5% Cabela’s Gift Card
3rd Place: 5% cash / 5% Cabela’s Gift Card


$30 – BIG DOG – Pays 1st place only
$30 – BIG CAT – Pays 1st place only
$30 – LITTLE CAT – Pays 1st place only

Proceeds will be donated to benefit the Wounded Veteran’s of Oklahoma


Congratulations to our two teams that won the $100 Cabela’s gift card. Team #1 and Team #3.



Location: Cabela’s 1200 W Memorial Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73114, check-in procedures will be included in all team packets Friday night.

For more information visit: http://www.castandbang.com or contact Ryan Aller @castandbang (405) 633-3122 | hunt@castandbang.com


  • Winning team is based on the cumulative weight of largest 3 coyotes and largest bobcat NEW RULE
  • Must be called Coyote or Bobcat
  • Tie goes to heaviest coyote
  • Hunt boundaries: Official Oklahoma State lines
  • Teams must hunt together at ALL times.
  • No road or vehicle hunting of any kind
  • No trapping or any other methods that don’t involve calling live animals
  • No hunting with live decoy animals of any kind (this includes dogs)
  • No hunting over bait
  • No hunting in preserves, ranches or ranges where any fence is employed to keep animals inside
  • No baiting or feeding of coyotes or bobcats over a period of time with the intent to increase your chances of shooting them for contests.
  • No pooling of animals or working with other teams
  • No manipulating of animals before check-in. Any animal that appears to have been tampered with will be investigated
  • Hunting hours are 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset
  • Teams must always follow all Oklahoma Department of Wildlife rules and regulations, ODWC Game Wardens will be on site during check-in.
  • Lie detector test required for winning teams*
  • Random Draw will determine who takes the lie detector
  • No use of alcohol or drugs any time during or after the hunt
  • If you are late for check-in you are disqualified**

* One (1) lie detector test included for each applicable team by Cast & Bang. In the event the team’s test is inconclusive, the team will have the option to retest another team member, however, the team must pay, in cash, for the second test before it is administered (approx. $200). In the event, the team’s test fails; the team is disqualified from the tournament. Team members will be randomly selected and if that team member refuses to take the lie detector test that team is disqualified.

Pass/Fail determination by Lie Detector examiner in conjunction with Cast & Bang is final and any attempts to dispute results will result in immediate forfeiture of all fees and proceeds of any kind by the disqualified team or its members.

** Check-in ends at 9:00 PM CST January 13, 2018. Each team must be ON SITE at Cabela’s by the cutoff or they are disqualified from checking in any animals. If there is a line, Cast & Bang will monitor the back of the line to determine who made the cutoff in time.

***Check back for any contest or rule updates

3 thoughts on “2018 Cast & Bang State Predator Championship Presented by Cabela’s

  • Will you have a metal detector to check the coyotes for added weights? Some jackwagons in wyoming tried that and were found out. Cheating bastards were lucky to get out of there alive.

    • Most coyote hunters use some form of metal to kill a coyote, so a metal detector might prove difficult. We will have people on-site inspecting coyotes that appear to be tampered with (which means cutting them open as necessary). If you have any other suggestions on how to inspect I would love to hear about them. We also polygraph winners to help discourage cheating as well.

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